Deliciously Designed Dorm Room: Ole Miss

Thursday, Sep 02,2010
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Shortly after posting the article Deliciously Designed Dorm Room: MSU, we got a tip from a reader about an equally posh pad in Martin Hall on the campus of The University of Mississippi.  Did you really think we could leave Ole Miss out of all the dorm room decorating fun?  Absolutely not!

The Scoop is that the new home-away-from-home of Madison Coburn and Taylor Gex (both from Ridgeland, MS) is the talk of campus, and we can see why!  We got our greedy little hands on some photos of this petite posh pad and loved it so much, we had to meet the mastermind behind it all -- the one, the only... craftiest person we have ever met... Bridget Tisdale!  Bridget owns Easley Amused, a D-I-Y arts and crafts studio.  We knew she was creative and a good painter, but didn't know she would go 3-D on us.

Bridget gives us a tour of her most recent "work of art", and shares her tenets on decorating dorm rooms, all of which should be applied to any small living space occupied by young folks.

  • Think UP!  In any small living space, it's essential to make the most of every cubic inch.  What do you do?  Raise the beds and use the area underneath for storage!  In this room the dressers, extra drawers and even the refrigerator are hidden under the twin beds by an extra-long bed skirt, installed on a rod that allows them to move the skirt completely out of the way for access!  Another way to move UP is to add shelving on top of the desks.  This provides more storage, plus serves double-duty as a desk and vanity area with mirrors installed in back.  We had these custom-built by Madison's dad, but you can also use ready-made cube units.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE is everything!  Dorm rooms become your "every space".  In one room you will eat, sleep, study, get dressed, watch TV -- everything must earn its keep by serving more than one purpose.  We used storage cubes as ottomans in front of their futon -- a great way to stash magazines!  These also serve as additional seating for visitors.  The nightstand is a cube unit covered with a custom table skirt and a piece of Plexiglas.  The girls use the area underneath for extra storage.  The height is perfect for raised beds and pictures can go under the Plexiglas.  The Plexiglas material keeps them from having to think about using a coaster for cold beverages. 
  • WASHABLE BEDDING!  This is my MUST for dorm rooms (or any children's room).  Being stylish is important, but college students truly live in their beds!  Studying, eating, throwing book bags on them, doing manicures.... Bedding has to be durable!  A thin coverlet or quilt is always best...throw on a duvet in the winter and you're set!  
  • BEST PART OF THIS ROOM.  The headboards!  These are the showstoppers!  Built by Classic Upholstery in Byram, MS they are upholstered in outdoor fabric which makes them very durable and they feel GREAT to lean against!  Also, it keeps the girls from waking up looking at a concrete block wall!  They add lots of height and color to the room.  We continued with this fabric by inserting it under the Plexiglas on the girls' desks -- not only does it add another pop of color, but the Plexiglas is very easy to wipe clean when the area needs to transition from vanity to study space!



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