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Wednesday, Oct 06,2010
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Eat Jackson!

You can say a lot of things about Jackson, Mississippi but one thing you can't say is that there isn't any good food. We've got food. Particularly we've got burgers. Local burger joints and their patrons will almost come to blows over who's got the best beef and buns. Here are our favorites. While I can't put these in order, I can recommend all 5 of these, wholeheartedly without reservation as amazing burgers.

Brent's Drugs
The irony here is that they don't sell drugs, much like the Blue Rooster doesn't sell chickens, but what they do sell is a great burger in a awesome historic setting. My favorite is a Brent's Cheese burger on a kaiser roll.  I'd be remiss to say that if a shake is your thing, then this is the definitely the place to get a burger. Their burgers cooked hot to order come the same way they've come since 1943. If you don't want to become a regular, please don't take the kids. Mine beg to go back every time they have a chance. Cost: $5.99.

The Parker House
This burger is made with a near 80/20 mix of the trimmings from their Hereford filet. Rumor has it that Andy tried 18 different types of beef before selecting their beef for their steaks. So you get the same beef that is going on your plate for 30+ bucks all ground up and tender. This baby will thrill your soul. The buns are fresh and the burger is juicy. They come with one of Chef Andy Cook's signature homemade pickles on there.  Yeah, I wouldn't have guessed the Parker House would have had a burger to write home about. But here I am. Cost: $10.

Sal & Mookies

You don't necessarily think about Sal & Mookies new york pizza and Ice cream joint as the best burger in town, but when you look at the menu you'll see the Black and Blue, Bobby Flay, and the Lou Reed. I like the Black and Bleu, but I substitute the blue cheese for some rich and creamy goat cheese. The goat cheese will not disappoint. The flavors mesh together and the light goat cheese taste goes a long way with the burger flavor.  The buns are the best in the business. No sunbeam here, these buns come from Broad Street's bakery and they are made fresh several times a week. You can't under estimate the importance of great buns. These babies are plump and delicious. Cost: $9.75.

The Blue Rooster
I don't know anything about blue chickens, but the Flame Thrower burger is an 8 oz. patty topped with sirloin steak, sauteed onions, jalapeno peppers, ranch, and pepper jack cheese on a Jalapeno Cheddar bun. Jalapeno buns give the burger an incredible flavor, and if you want heat, this one delivers. The build your own options are endless. Four bun options, 10 cheese options and bacon and chili for only $1 more. The Flame Thrower comes with sweet potato fries that are pretty darn good as well.  It's just a 15 or 20 minute drive north of Jackson in a little town called Flora off of Highway 49. A great place to stop if you are ever out for a drive in the country, or heading north on Highway 49.
Cost: Depends on options.  We like the Flame Thrower -- $8.99.

Parlor Market
I've been keeping my eye on Parlor Market ever since I saw a facebook photo album about some renovations happening downtown. I met Craig, and he was bragging about a burger. Sure, everyone thinks they make a great burger. But really, I kept hearing about this burger. I had to try it. It's 15 bucks! My verdict? Worth every penny! It's a daily made bun, with a ground brisket patty, a little tenderloin and waguu beef thrown in for good measure. They cook it over local pecan logs. Boasting a heirloom tomato, a gourmet cheese from Texas and flavor that won't stop. It's a smoky delicious burger that explodes on your pallate. I have to say it's gonna be worth your while to try this baby out.  Cost $15.


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