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Thursday, Aug 19,2010
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Color-coordinated dorm rooms designed with an eclectic twist prove to be a trend with this year's college dorm rooms. First-year college students prepared all summer to make sure their room is deemed "Most Fashionable". Distressed wooden frames and shutters are being used to add creativity and flair to the barren walls, as well as, pillows to add a spunky vibe to a not-so-homey room.
Freshmen at Mississippi State University, Bethany Keller and Lauren Sensing, shared a few of their secrets to styling their own dorm room. Both natives of Madison, Mississippi, have spent their summer planning the perfect room to reflect their personalities. My Scoop spoke with these girls and asked for their advice when decorating their separate rooms. Old doors turned into a place for hanging photos, scarves, and jewelry and an earring holder made from vintage frames and chicken wire provide for a unique and chic touch.
Lauren Sensing describes her inspiration in designing, as well as the challenges that came with it:
For our dorm, we chose to stick within an aqua, lime green (pistachio), and chocolate brown color scheme. Our color scheme developed from fabric I found at Premier Fabrics and from my roommate's pre-purchased teal bedspread. From the get-go, we knew that we would rather have our stuff coordinate than match perfectly. My roommate, Amanda, chose the aqua color for her bedspread and I opted for chocolate. The fabric from Premier is used on the bed skirt and euro shams for my bed.
Ideas have been flowing through our minds for quite some time, but our plans didn't start to come together until the beginning of July. It has been full-force since then. I can barely keep count of how many times I have been to Bed Bath and Beyond and Target and walked out with a full shopping cart. Our biggest challenge was distance. Since my roommate was in Hattiesburg, and I was in Jackson, it was really hard to find time to shop together. We were only able to plan one big shopping trip together, so most of our decisions had to be made through Facebook messages and picture text messages.
For our bathroom, we decided to mix our color scheme up a little bit! It was really fun shopping for colors other than the one in our original palette. We went with black, white, and lime for our towels and bathmats. We also enjoyed finding fun 'pops' of color (see Vera Bradley rug in the photo gallery) to add to the black and white in addition to the lime.
Our common interest in art has made decorating our room very exciting. We both have pieces of art that we are excited to display throughout our room that will liven up the walls significantly. We also have art from various artists that we have collected to add to our room. Amanda and I plan to display a different canvas (that we will work on together) outside of our door each month that correlates with what is happening on campus. We hope that this will add a fun flair to our room, making it an inviting place for all our visitors.
One of the main things that I wanted to do was to make a really unique wooden headboard. My dad did the hard part (making the high arch and carving details into the wood), and then we painted it a light aqua color, added a gel stain, and then distressed it. With my chocolate brown bedspread, it is a really nice contrast, and it complements the fabric we have chosen. Another little craft that I have done is make earring holders out of picture frames, fabric, and chicken wire. My roommate and I plan on having a large stash of craft supplies in our dorm, so I am sure there are many more crafty things to come!
Bethany Keller also took time to tell My Scoop about her new home away from home:  
My roommate Channing and I pretty much have every color in our room! Our comforters are plain brown, but we're bringing in other colors with the pillows, futon, curtains, and dust ruffles. The colors are not vibrant, but muted shades of the rainbow, such as a burnt orange, mossy green, navy blue, garnet red, pale yellow, etc. Our inspiration came from a set of shams we found in the sale area at Anthropologie. It is a mostly cream-colored sham with a colorful flower in the middle. Our dust ruffles stand out the most, in my opinion. We also found them on the sale rack at Anthropologie. They were the matching set to the shams we found earlier. They were originally king size bed skirts, and we had them made into a three-ruffle bed skirt to fit the length of our bed. They're mostly a pale yellow with a floral design.
The biggest challenge that we've faced is the layout of our room. We have a futon and really wanted to be able to see the TV from the futon. That way, it feels like more of a living space than just a bedroom. We made a scaled-down version of the room and have tried different layouts for all the pieces of furniture. This allowed us to see all of our options and decide which way was the most functional.
We've been working on our plans and decorations for six months. Ever since we found our shams and dust ruffles on sale at Anthropologie, we've been planning colors and accessories. It was a long process, but it really helped to keep the stress down -- things get so picked over, the closer it gets to move-in day.
At Old House Depot we found an old door that had been in a house fire. We scraped the black charred paint off and let some of the natural wood come through. We got a bronze green paint and dry-brushed it on the door to give it an aged look. Then, we found lots of cute hooks and knobs from Hobby Lobby and Anthropologie and attached those to the door. I'm going to hang necklaces, earrings, bracelets, scarves, an umbrella, and even a raincoat on the hooks and knobs. It turned out really cute and it was actually pretty easy to make!


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