• How To Write A Love Letter

    Love can be expressed in a thousand different ways. Gifts, candlelit dinners- the love letter is one way that comes from the heart and costs nothing.

  • 5 Steps To Keep The Love Alive

    Whether you’re single and examining your options, or taken and examining your relationship, it’s important to brush up on some basic “dos” and “don’ts” in order to keep things fresh and electrifying! For those ladies interested in doing what it takes to rekindle the fire, here is the Scoop on keeping the love alive.

  • Can Will and Kate Live Happily Ever After?

    Love Doctor Terri Orbuch offers advice to newlyweds Will and Kate and taking your marriage from Good to Great.

  • The Help: Change Starts With A Whisper

    The Help premieres with a screening in Madison, MS and opens in theaters August 10. For anyone who has ever been a provocateur of change, the movie The Help will inspire and encourage you.

  • Duty Free - Without Leaving Town

    This Friday and Saturday the state of Mississippi extends a passport to shoppers, which allows us to buy without paying taxes. Yippee!

  • Sweet Home Celeb-A-Like: A Modern Family Man

    While flipping through celebrity photos we couldn't help but stop on a recent shot of Jesse Tyler Ferguson from ABC's hit show Modern Family.

  • Sweet Home Celeb-A-Like: Golden Girl Dorothy

    Barbara Bush Gatlin looks just like dearly departed Golden Girl Dorothy Zbornak, played by actress Bea Arthur.

  • Sweet Home Celeb-A-Like: Hiya George!

    Recently, I ran into George W. Bush's look-a-like on a plane from Jackson to NYC. This man was the spitting image -- at least from the back. Don't you think?

  • Scandalicious: Aniston Has a Twin?

    Mississippi's Margie Flynt McGee looks like Jennifer Aniston.

  • Jade? She's A Jewel!

    What does My Scoop love more than a good sale on designer shoes? An artist that mixes media to come up with creative masterpieces.... Especially when that artist is a "she" AND from the South!

  • Sweet Home Celeb-A-Like: Robie & Diana

    Everyone thinks that Lady Diana passed away in a 1997 paparazzi-caused car accident. But today, My Scoop uncovered the TRUTH!

  • Sweet Home Celeb-A-Like: Laura & Cheryl

    As we flipped through post-Oscar red carpet pictures, ogling at the ritzy dresses, we came across a bright, kind and zany face that looked familiar.

  • Sweet Home Celeb-A-Like: Xs 2!

    Jackson resident Cathy Joyner bares a striking resemblance to actress Farrah Fawcett, and if Faith Hill ever needs a stand-in, Starkville's Lindsey Wiseman would fit the bill.

  • Runway Bride

    The uber-stylish wedding of Peter Boulden and Emily Dees was runway meets the aisle. Every aspect of this wedding had the fashion-forward touches of a girl hailing from Mississippi.

  • Sweet Home Celeb-A-Like

    Who doesn’t love Gossip Girl’s earthy, sensitive Serena van der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively? She is utterly perfect. My Scoop found her twin on campus at Mississippi State. World meet Niki, Blake's college-educated look-a-like.

  • Our Favorite Celebrity Moms

    These celebrity moms are changing diapers, swinging in the park and going through the terrible twos just like other moms. Somehow they do it in style.

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