• Mad About Pearls

    Pearls are not simply a must have, they are timeless and they are unique. A true treasure of the sea that throughout history has been a symbol of nature’s mystery and beauty.

  • Jennifer Fisher: Get the Look

    Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher has us swooning over her edgy jewelry designs. From 14kt gold dog tags and personalized charms, to studded cuffs and pave black hearts, she has created something for every woman including celebrity fashionistas and casual moms.

  • Color Me Bright

    If you are ready to sprout some color this spring it's time to adorn yourself with colorful jewelry.

  • Extra Frosting for Me, Please

    One look at any Lulu Frost piece will have you squealing with joy. These gorgeous vintage pieces are absolutely captivating and can be worn with formal gowns or jeans.

  • Palacios You Can Purchase Now!

    Every girl dreams of adding a variety of sparkly gems to her jewelry box. The only problem is...sometimes it takes years to complete the collection, and we want it NOW!

  • Vintage Reinvented

    My Scoop picked the brain of Alex & LeLe designer Alexandra Wilkes to learn how they are creating "new" vintage out of old beads.

  • The Jewels Of A Southern Indian Princess

    A modern sprout from a culture that has traditionally worn its currency on the body -- read this Southern Indian Princess' reflections on her family's jewelry collection.

  • Meet Nicole; She's One-Of-A-Kind.

    Girls, meet our newest, OLD friend...Nicole! She's truly one-of-a-kind. Seriously, there is only ONE available, and she's rockin' Spring's best colors.

  • Best Jewels at Golden Globes

    The red carpet was crawling last night with beautiful gowns and beautiful jewels. See our top 5 stunners. Note: many jewelry designers are auctioning their jewels to benefit Haiti.

  • Color Me Engaged

    Stop traffic for the rest of your life with a colored stone engagement ring. A Jackson gemologist shares his knowledge about the history and trend of couples expressing their love through color.

  • I'll Take One Of Each

    On Valentine's Day, the only thing yummier than stuffing your face with creamy confections is adding new sparkly nuggets to your collection of oh-so-fine jewelry.

  • The Bar Pin’s Transformation: from Grandma’s Jewelry Box to Yours

    When you think about stopping traffic, you don’t usually consider wearing something from Grandma’s closet. But WOW, has My Scoop uncovered the trick to creating your own piece of multi-generational glam!

  • Bold Brazilian Baubles

    The famously tight “Brazilian Blue Jeans” and the risqué “Brazilian Bikini Wax” are two of many style examples that set the South American country up as a thrilling trendsetter. The excitingly creative works of jewelry designer Claudia Lobao is sure disappoint those that love edgy Brazilian things.

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